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Developer Checklist

If you want to work on the OpenMW code, here is the official Developer Checklist:

  1. Register on our Forum
  2. Setup a development environment
  3. Register on GitHub
  4. Fork the OpenMW repository on GitHub
  5. Clone your fork locally
  6. Build OpenMW
  7. Make sure your build of OpenMW does run
  8. Register on our Issue Tracker
  9. Read the Developer Reference and especially the Policies and Standards

If you managed to do all that, you are ready to start coding. Try to find a task on the roadmap for the current release. If you find something on the roadmap not scheduled for the current release that might be okay too (some of these tasks have other unfinished tasks as prerequisite though).

Once you have found something, please make a thread in the developer section of the forum; ideally before you start coding, because we might be able to provide additional input.

If you can't find a suitable task on your own or are unsure about the suitability of a task, please ask for advice on the forum.


You can help by Testing and reporting bugs, but also by reversing Morrowind's formulas (see the forum for more information about this).

Help with the Wiki is also welcome. To edit the pages, join the Wiki group in your forum control panel, under Usergroups tab, after which you will gain edit rights.