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This is a list of alchemical and spell mods for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that have been tested with OpenMW.

For instructions on how to install mods, see mod installation. For more information about mods, see mod status.

Status indicators
Works fine.The mod works as in vanilla Morrowind; there may be a couple of warning messages written to the error log but nothing that affects the mod's functionality.
Partially working, has non-trivial issues.Most parts of the mod work as expected. There are (minor) issues though, but nothing with serious impact on gameplay. See the description text for bug references or workarounds.
Currently broken.There are major problems with this mod which have a noticeable impact on gameplay. These issues should get fixed in the future -- see the description text for bug references or workarounds.
Needs re-testing.There have been problems with this mod. Certain bug-fixes or version releases may have fixed some/all issues, but nobody has re-tested the mod yet.
Currently being tested.(Mainly for large mods.) The mod is in active testing. It may take the tester(s) a while to complete their task.
Will never work with OpenMW.Due to relying on third-party software, like MWSE or MGE, or because of severe scripting errors the mod isn't compatible with OpenMW. To make it compatible, the mod authors need to fix their mod or clear third-party dependencies. Moreover, some third-party features may have already been implemented in OpenMW -- but don't hope for that!
Not tested yet.The mod hasn't been tested yet; maybe someone plans to do so later.
Mod Info Test Info
Name Version Author Status [?] Test Version Test Date Tester(s) Comments
Atronach Expansion N 2.13 Melchior Currently broken. OpenMW 0.41.0 07/16/2017 Frik Doesn't spawn new atronachs. Spell effect is "Bound Gloves" instead Of Summon.
Bloated Morrowind M 1.0 MagicNakor Works fine. OpenMW 0.41.0 2017/01/08. Durisat Works as intended.
BTB's Sorted New Alchemy Potions M 1.5 Revan Works fine. OpenMW 0.33.0 n.a. <unknown> Using the esp for AOF style potions and the meshes, textures, icons for vanilla style potions, the mod works perfectly
Happy Harvesting N 1.0 NullCascade Will never work with OpenMW. OpenMW 0.43.0 June 10, 2018 Rstevenson1976 requires both MWSE and MCP
Herbalism for Purists M 1.22 Syclonix Works fine. OpenMW 0.38.0 n.a. <unknown> Works the same as in vanilla.
Herbalism Redux M 1.12a Mode_Locrian Works fine. OpenMW 0.41.0 2017/01/08. Durisat Works as intended.
Multiple Teleport Marking M 2.2 hessi9 Currently broken. OpenMW 0.40.0 n.a. <unknown> Does not appear to work at all. See these threads for some investigation. There is now a modified (working) version at N . It clashes with Morrowind Rebirth and needs to be loaded after it - Loriel.
Scripted Spells N 1.5 Cortex Partially working, has non-trivial issues. OpenMW 0.42.0 Sep 2017 Loriel

Various errors and warnings from verification in the CS which should have no impact on gameplay. However, script vmet_wallarea_fire (line 57) has an error which will probably prevent it running. Commenting out the line, or fixing the variable names, should solve the problem.
However see other problems reported at

ST Alchemy F 1.4 Stuporstar Works fine. OpenMW 0.42.0 Aug 2017 Loriel On Tomorrowind 2016. Appears to work as intended.