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CELL, Cell definition.

NAME = Cell ID string. Can be an empty string for exterior cells in which case the region name is used instead.
DATA = Cell Data
    long Flags
                0x01 = Interior?
                0x02 = Has Water
                0x04 = Illegal to Sleep here
                0x80 = Behave like exterior (Tribunal)
        long GridX
        long GridY

RGNN = Region name string
NAM0 = Number of objects in cell in current file? (4 byte, long), Optional

Exterior Cell Sub-Records

NAM5 = Map Color (4 bytes, long, COLORREF)

Interior Cell Sub-Records

WHGT = Water Height (4 bytes, float)
AMBI = Ambient Light Level (16 bytes)
    long AmbientColor
    long SunlightColor
    long FogColor
    float FogDensity              

Referenced Object Data Grouping

FRMR = Object Index (starts at 1) (4 bytes, long)
    This is used to uniquely identify objects in the cell.  For new files the
    index starts at 1 and is incremented for each new object added.  For modified
    objects the index is kept the same.
NAME = Object ID string
XSCL = Scale (4 bytes, float) Static
DELE = (4 byte long) Indicates that the reference is deleted.
DODT = XYZ Pos, XYZ Rotation of exit (24 bytes, Door objects)
    float XPos
    float YPos
    float ZPos
    float XRotate
    float YRotate
    float ZRotate
DNAM = Door exit name (Door objects)
FLTV = Follows the DNAM optionally, lock level (long)
KNAM = Door key
TNAM = Trap name
UNAM = Reference Blocked (1 byte, 00?), only occurs once in MORROWIND.ESM. 
    Corresponds to the "Reference blocked" checkbox in the CS. Checking 
    it prevents editing that reference. The value here for a blocked reference 
    is 0.
ANAM = Owner ID string
BNAM = Global variable/rank ID string
XCHG = Remaining enchantment charge ( 4 bytes, float )
INTV = Number of uses or remaining weapon/armor health ( 4 bytes, long, 1 default), occurs even for objects that don't use it
NAM9 = Value override  (4 bytes, long, 1 default), occurs for gold references only (25 for Gold_025, and so on)
XSOL = Soul Extra Data (ID string of creature)
DATA = Ref Position Data (24 bytes)
    float XPos
    float YPos
    float ZPos
    float XRotate
    float YRotate
    float ZRotate

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