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From: Matt Grandstaff <[email protected]>
To: psi29a
CC: Matt Grandstaff <[email protected]>, Zini
Subject: Re: Open MW -- android
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 22:02:19 +0000

Quick answer to your first question: Yes, and also that you're not putting the main focus of your efforts into ways to play Morrowind on other platforms, like android. It would raise a flag if a video or log update was focusing on how you can play Morrowind now on, say, iOS or Android. If that's something the engine allows, better for you to share an indie project you're working on, etc. That's really the heart of it.

On the road - I'll address the rest as time allows.

Thanks guys

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From: Matt Grandstaff <[email protected]>
To: psi29a
CC: Zini
Subject: RE: Open MW -- android
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 23:22:21 +0000

Quick follow up

Comments/request on OpenMW -- not right now, but I'll be following the project more closely now that I've chatted with you guys.

Linux -- no announced plans for anything like that. If that ever changes we'll let everyone know.

Internships/jobs -- all openings are on You have experience and appreciation for our games, so that's a great start.

Interview stuff -- would love to figure out something when I have more time. 2014 has been crazy with three game releases and baby #1.