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esmtool is a tool designed to inspect and extract from Morrowind ESx files (ESM, ESP, ESS).


 -h [ --help ]                    print help message.
 -v [ --version ]                 print version information and quit.
 -r [ --raw ]                     Show an unformattet list of all records and 
 -q [ --quiet ]                   Supress all record information. Useful for 
                                  speed tests.
 -C [ --loadcells ]               Browse through contents of all cells.
 -e [ --encoding ] arg (=win1252) Character encoding used in ESMTool:
                                  win1250 - Central and Eastern European such 
                                  as Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, 
                                  Slovene, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (Latin 
                                  script), Romanian and Albanian languages
                                  win1251 - Cyrillic alphabet such as Russian,
                                  Bulgarian, Serbian Cyrillic and other 
                                  win1252 - Western European (Latin) alphabet,
                                  used by default

If no option is given, the default action is to parse all records in the archive and display diagnostic information.


To get all cells of Tribunal : ./esmtool Tribunal.esm | grep CELL