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Removed due to implementation difference:

- sKeyName_*

Implemented, but unlisted:

- sSkill* (skill names)
- sEffect* (magic effect names)
- sMagic*ID (summoned creature & bound item IDs)
- fWerewolf* (implemented werewolf skill/stat/attribute values)



  • Implemented: This GMST is used by OpenMW.
  • Not started: This GMST is not currently used by OpenMW. Note: we might not want to implement GMSTs that are not used by Morrowind, because we can not be sure there is a proper translation or proper value for this GMST in all versions of Morrowind.
  • Removed: This GMST will not be used by OpenMW, because it was broken or not useful.


  • Used: This GMST is used by the original engine (please add a link to the Research wiki page to clarify what the GMST is used for).
  • Unused: This GMST was never used by the original engine.
  • Reportedly missing in unpatched MW 1.0: This GMST reportedly does not exist in unpatched versions of Morrowind's data files, so when implementing this GMST in OpenMW special care must be taken to add a reasonable default value to the code.


GMST Specification Implementation Default value
sMonthMorningstar implemented Morning Star
sMonthSunsdawn implemented Sun's Dawn
sMonthFirstseed implemented First Seed
sMonthRainshand implemented Rain's Hand
sMonthSecondseed implemented Second Seed
sMonthMidyear implemented Mid Year
sMonthSunsheight implemented Sun's Height
sMonthLastseed implemented Last Seed
sMonthHeartfire implemented Heartfire
sMonthFrostfall implemented Frost Fall
sMonthSunsdusk implemented Sun's Dusk
sMonthEveningstar implemented Evening Star
sSpecialization implemented Specialization
sSpecializationCombat implemented Combat
sSpecializationMagic implemented Magic
sSpecializationStealth implemented Stealth
sSkillClassMajor implemented Major Skills
sSkillClassMinor implemented Minor Skills
sSkillClassMisc implemented Misc Skills
sRacialTraits not started Racial Traits
sHealthPerHourOfRest not started Health per hour of rest
sHealthPerLevel not started Health per level
sGoverningAttribute implemented Governing Attribute
sClass implemented Class
sTraits not started Traits
sJournal implemented Journal
sOK implemented OK
sClose implemented Close
sPrev not started Prev
sNext implemented Next
sTake implemented Take
sWeaponTab implemented Weapon
sApparelTab implemented Apparel
sMagicTab implemented Magic
sMiscTab implemented Misc
sWornTab not started Worn
sAllTab implemented All
sAttack implemented Attack
sUses implemented Uses
sQuality implemented Quality
sCharges implemented Charge:
sArmorRating implemented Armor Rating
sSlash implemented Slash
sThrust implemented Thrust
sChop implemented Chop
sEncumbrance not started Encumbrance
sCondition implemented Condition
sWeight implemented Weight
sValue implemented Value
sLight implemented Light
sMedium implemented Medium
sHeavy implemented Heavy
sCancel implemented Cancel
sTakeAll implemented Take All
sUntilHealed implemented Until Healed
sRest implemented Rest
sWait implemented Wait
sRestIllegal implemented Resting here is illegal. You'll need to find a bed.
sGold implemented Gold
sMove not started Move
sTo implemented to
sActorInCombat implemented This character is in combat.
sArmor implemented Armor
sTopics not started Topics
sService not started Service
sPersuasion implemented Persuasion
sBye not started Bye
sGoodbye implemented Goodbye
sYes implemented Yes
sNo implemented No
sOn implemented On
sOff implemented Off
sFull not started Full
sWorld implemented World
sExpelled implemented EXPELLED
sExpelledMessage implemented You have been expelled from
sFavoriteSkills implemented Favorite Skills
sGame not started Game
sVideo implemented Video
sAudio implemented Audio
sControls implemented Controls
sPrefs implemented Prefs
sPreferences not started Preferences
sNewGame not started New Game
sExitGame not started Exit Game
sOptions not started Options Menu
sSaveGame not started Save Game
sLoadGame not started Load Game
sDeleteGame implemented Delete Game
sSaveGameDenied implemented You cannot save your game right now.
sSaveGameFailed not started An error was encountered while saving the game.
sSaveGameTooBig not started There is not enough space to save this game. Free up at least %i blocks and try again.
sSaveGameNoMemory reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 not started Unable to create Save Game. Free up 100 blocks and try again.
sMaximumSaveGameMessage reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 removed You have reached the limit of Morrowind saved games. Please delete a Morrowind saved game and try again.
sRender_Distance implemented View Distance
sNear implemented Near
sFar implemented Far
sGamma_Correction implemented Gamma Correction
sLight_Gamma implemented Light
sDark_Gamma implemented Dark
sSeldom not started Seldom
sAlways not started Always
sWaterTerrainReflect not started Reflect Terrain
sWaterReflectUpdate not started Reflection Updating
fWaterReflectUpdateAlways unused not started 0
fWaterReflectUpdateSeldom unused not started 10
sMaster implemented Master
sVoice implemented Voice
sEffects implemented Effects
sFootsteps implemented Footsteps
sMusic implemented Music
sTransparency_Menu implemented Menu Transparency
sMenu_Help_Delay implemented Menu Help Delay
sAIDistance not started AI Distance
sHigh implemented High
sLow implemented Low
sDetail_Level not started Detail Level
sMenus not started Menus
sStrip not started Strip
sReturnToGame not started Return To Game
sForward implemented Forward
sBack implemented Back
sLeft implemented Left
sRight implemented Right
sUse implemented Use
sActivate implemented Activate
sReady_Weapon implemented Ready Weapon
sReady_Magic implemented Ready Magic
sCrouch_Sneak implemented Sneak
sRun implemented Run
sAlways_Run implemented Always Run
sAuto_Run reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Auto Run
sJump implemented Jump
sNextWeapon implemented Next Weapon
sPrevWeapon implemented Previous Weapon
sNextSpell implemented Next Spell
sPrevSpell implemented Previous Spell
sTogglePOVCmd implemented Toggle POV
sMenu_Mode not started Menu Mode
sJournalCmd not started Journal
sRestKey implemented Rest
sQuickMenu implemented Quick Menu
sQuick1Cmd implemented Quick 1
sQuick2Cmd implemented Quick 2
sQuick3Cmd implemented Quick 3
sQuick4Cmd implemented Quick 4
sQuick5Cmd implemented Quick 5
sQuick6Cmd implemented Quick 6
sQuick7Cmd implemented Quick 7
sQuick8Cmd implemented Quick 8
sQuick9Cmd implemented Quick 9
sQuick10Cmd implemented Quick 10
sQuickSaveCmd implemented Quick Save
sQuickLoadCmd implemented Quick Load
sForwardXbox removed Move Forward
sBackXbox removed Move Backward
sSlideLeftXbox removed Slide Left
sSlideRightXbox removed Slide Right
sMenuModeXbox removed Menu Mode
sActivateXbox removed Activate
sUseXbox removed Use
sReadyItemXbox removed Ready Item
sReadyMagicXbox removed Ready Magic
sCrouchXbox removed Sneak
sRunXbox removed Run
sToggleRunXbox removed Toggle Run
sJumpXbox removed Jump
sTogglePOVXbox removed Toggle View
sMenuNextXbox removed Next Menu
sMenuPrevXbox removed Previous Menu
sJournalXbox removed Journal
sQuick4Xbox removed sQuick4Xbox
sQuick5Xbox removed sQuick5Xbox
sQuick6Xbox removed sQuick6Xbox
sQuick7Xbox removed sQuick7Xbox
sQuick8Xbox removed sQuick8Xbox
sQuick9Xbox removed sQuick9Xbox
sQuick0Xbox removed sQuick0Xbox
sOptionsMenuXbox removed Options Menu
sSystemMenuXbox removed System Menu
sRestMenuXbox removed Rest/Wait
sQuickSaveXbox removed Quick Save
sQuickLoadXbox removed Quick Load
sMoveUpXbox removed Move Up
sMoveDownXbox removed Move Down
sLookUpXbox removed Look Up
sLookDownXbox removed Look Down
sTurnLeftXbox removed Turn Left
sTurnRightXbox removed Turn Right
sNextWeaponXbox removed Next Weapon
sPrevWeaponXbox removed Previous Weapon
sNextSpellXbox removed Next Spell
sPrevSpellXbox removed Previous Spell
sDialogText1Xbox removed PUSH
sDialogText2Xbox removed TO GO BACK
sDialogText3Xbox removed TO READ MORE
sQuick_Save implemented Auto-Save when Rest
sShadowText not started Real-time Shadows
sLockSuccess implemented Lock pick success!
sLockFail implemented Lock pick failed.
sLockImpossible implemented Lock too complex.
sTrapSuccess implemented Trap disarmed!
sTrapFail implemented Disarm trap failed.
sTrapImpossible implemented Trap too complex, your chance to disarm it is zero
sTrapped implemented Trapped
sLockLevel implemented Lock Level
sKeyUsed implemented used to open lock
sUnlocked implemented Unlocked
fRepairMult used implemented 1
fRepairAmountMult used implemented 3
fSpellValueMult used implemented 10
fSpellMakingValueMult used implemented 7
fEnchantmentValueMult used implemented 1000
fTravelMult used implemented 4000
fTravelTimeMult used implemented 16000
fMagesGuildTravel used implemented 10
sBarter implemented Barter
sRepair implemented Repair
sSpells implemented Spells
sTraining implemented Training
sTravel implemented Travel
sSpellmaking implemented Spellmaking
sEnchanting implemented Enchanting
sJoystickNotFound removed Joystick not found.
sJournalEntry implemented Your journal has been updated.
sDay implemented Day
sCreate implemented Create
sIngredients implemented Ingredients
sApparatus implemented Apparatus
sCreatedEffects implemented Created Effects
sOnetypeEffectMessage implemented This effect has already been added.
sName implemented Name
sNameTitle not started Name
sSelect not started Select
sBuy implemented Buy
sInfo not started Info
sMagicEffects implemented Magic Effects
sOnce not started Once
sCostCharge implemented Cost/Charge
sCostChance implemented Cost/Chance
sAttributesMenu1 implemented Choose an Attribute
sBirthsignmenu1 implemented Abilities:
sBirthsignmenu2 implemented Spells:
sChooseClassMenu1 implemented Specialization:
sChooseClassMenu2 implemented Favorite Attributes:
sChooseClassMenu3 implemented Major Skills:
sChooseClassMenu4 implemented Minor Skills:
sCreateClassMenuWarning reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 not started Reselect your class?
sClassChoiceMenu1 implemented Answer his questions (Generates Class)
sClassChoiceMenu2 implemented Give him the info (Pick from Class List)
sClassChoiceMenu3 implemented Fill out forms yourself (Create Custom Class)
sNotifyMessage1 implemented You can only rest on solid ground.
sNotifyMessage2 implemented You can't rest here enemies are nearby.
sNotifyMessage3 not started You cannot sleep when dreaming.
sNotifyMessage4 implemented Saving...
sNotifyMessage4XBOX removed Saving. Please don't turn off your Xbox console.
sNotifyMessage5 removed You must place the object you are holding into a container before exiting menus.
sNotifyMessage6 removed Only one of each ingredient can be used to make a potion.
sNotifyMessage6a implemented At least two ingredients are needed to make a potion.
sNotifyMessage7 removed Only four ingredients can be used in a potion.
sNotifyMessage8 implemented Your potion failed.
sNotifyMessage9 implemented Your offer is refused.
sNotifyMessage10 implemented You have to name the spell before buying it.
sNotifyMessage11 implemented You have to have an item to enchant.
sNotifyMessage12 not started You don't have enough gold to buy this spell.
sNotifyMessage13 implemented Beast races cannot wear full helmets.
sNotifyMessage14 implemented Beast races cannot wear boots.
sNotifyMessage15 implemented Beast races cannot wear shoes.
sNotifyMessage16 not started You can only wear one clothing item at a time.
sNotifyMessage16_a not started You can only equip one item of that type at a time.
sNotifyMessage17 implemented You cannot train a skill above its governing attribute.
sNotifyMessage18 implemented You don't have enough gold to buy this spell.
sNotifyMessage19 removed Only one apparatus can be placed in each slot of the alchemy menu.
sNotifyMessage20 removed Please remove the object already in the mortar and pestle slot.
sNotifyMessage21 removed Please remove the object already in the alembic slot.
sNotifyMessage22 removed Please remove the object already in the calcinator slot.
sNotifyMessage23 removed Please remove the object already in the retort slot.
sNotifyMessage24 not started You need to assign all the major and minor skill slots.
sNotifyMessage25 not started You need to pick two favorite attributes.
sNotifyMessage26 not started You need to pick a specialization.
sNotifyMessage27 not started You need to assign all the major and minor skill slots.
sNotifyMessage28 implemented You can only add eight effects to a spell.
sNotifyMessage29 implemented You cannot add more enchantment to an object then it can hold.
sNotifyMessage30 implemented You have to add at least one effect to a spell.
sNotifyMessage31 removed Items already enchanted cannot have another enchantment added.
sNotifyMessage32 implemented Only soul gems with a soul can be put in the soul gem slot.
sNotifyMessage33 removed Only soul gems put in the soul gem slot.
sNotifyMessage34 implemented The enchantment failed and your gem is destroyed.
sNotifyMessage35 removed Only one apparatus item can be equipped at a time.
sNotifyMessage36 implemented You have to distribute all you points before exiting.
sNotifyMessage37 implemented You need to type in your name.
sNotifyMessage38 not started Skill Increase:
sNotifyMessage39 implemented Your %s skill increased to %d.
sNotifyMessage40 not started Skill Maximum Reached.
sNotifyMessage41 not started Your %s skill has reached the limit of your %s.
sNotifyMessage42 implemented You have been released after %d day.

A skill has been affected by your time in prison.

sNotifyMessage43 implemented You have been released after %d days.

Your skills have been affected by your time in prison.

sNotifyMessage44 implemented Your %s skill decreased to %d.
sNotifyMessage45 implemented You need a Mortar and Pestle to use
sNotifyMessage46 not started You need a Alembic to use
sNotifyMessage47 not started You need a Calcinator to use
sNotifyMessage48 not started You need a Retort to use
sNotifyMessage49 implemented That %s is mine.
sNotifyMessage50 implemented %s has no effect on you.
sNotifyMessage51 implemented The %s has been used up.
sNotifyMessage52 implemented You must have a soul gem with a soul to make an Enchanted Item
sNotifyMessage53 not started Your menu sizes and positions have been saved for exploring mode.
sNotifyMessage54 implemented Do you want to start a new game and lose your current game?
sNotifyMessage55 removed Please reconnect the controller and press START to continue.
sNotifyMessage56 removed There's a problem with the disc you're using. It may be dirty or damaged.

Press A to continue.

sNotifyMessage57 removed Please press START to begin.
sNotifyMessage58 removed Your Xbox Hard Disk doesn't have enough free blocks to save games.

Press A to continue without saving or B to free more blocks.

sNotifyMessage59 implemented You are over-encumbered.
sNotifyMessage60 implemented %s has been added to your inventory.
sNotifyMessage61 implemented %d %s has been added to your inventory.
sNotifyMessage62 implemented %s has been removed from your inventory.
sNotifyMessage63 implemented %d %s has been removed from your inventory.
sNotifyMessage64 implemented You can't sleep in someone else's bed!
sNotifyMessage65 implemented You can't save a game with no name!
sNotifyMessage66 implemented This will reset all controls to the default settings. Do you wish to continue?
sNotifyMessage67 implemented This will immediately change your resolution. Do you want to continue?
sInPrisonTitle implemented Serving time...
sInfoRefusal reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 not started Info Refusal
sAdmireSuccess reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Admire Success
sAdmireFail reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Admire Fail
sIntimidateSuccess reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Intimidate Success
sIntimidateFail reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Intimidate Fail
sTauntSuccess reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Taunt Success
sTauntFail reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Taunt Fail
sServiceRefusal reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Service Refusal
sBribeSuccess reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Bribe Success
sBribeFail reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Bribe Fail
sBookSkillMessage implemented You have gained knowledge from this book.
sLoadingMessage1 not started Loading Master/Plugin Files
sLoadingMessage2 implemented Loading Interior
sLoadingMessage3 implemented Loading Exterior
sLoadingMessage4 not started Initializing Data...
sLoadingMessage5 reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 not started Parsing Quests...
sLoadingMessage9 not started Clearing Data...
sLoadingMessage14 implemented Loading Save Game
sLoadingMessage15 not started Loading (%s)
sInvalidSaveGameMsg not started This file is an invalid Save Game.
sInvalidSaveGameMsgXBOX removed Unable to load saved game. Press A to continue.
sLoadingErrorsMsg not started Errors were encountered loading from file '%s'.
sMissingMastersMsg implemented The currently selected master files and plugins do not match the ones used by this save game. Errors may occur during load or game play.

Do you wish to continue?

sChangedMastersMsg not started The selected master files and plugins may have changed since this save game was created. Errors may occur during load or game play.

Do you wish to continue?

sMastPlugMismatchMsg not started One of the files that "%s" is dependent on has changed since the last save.

This may result in errors. Saving again will clear this message but not necessarily fix any errors.

sGeneralMastPlugMismatchMsg reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 not started One or more plugins could not find the correct versions of the master files they depend on. Errors may occur during load or game play. Check the "Warnings.txt" file for more information.
sLoadLastSaveMsg implemented The most recent Save Game is '%s'.

Would you like to load it?

sMessage1 implemented Do you want to Load a save game and lose your current game?
sMessage2 implemented Quit Morrowind?
sMessage3 implemented Are you sure you want to delete this Save Game?
sMessage4 implemented Are you sure you want to overwrite this Save Game?
sMessage5 not started Do you wish to quit your current game?

All unsaved progress will be lost.

sMessageQuestionAnswer1 implemented Your personality and past reflect a:
sMessageQuestionAnswer2 implemented Accept this Class
sMessageQuestionAnswer3 implemented Choose Another Class
sBarterDialog1 implemented You cannot afford this transaction.
sBarterDialog2 implemented I cannot afford this transaction.
sBarterDialog3 removed This is to heavy for you to carry.
sBarterDialog4 implemented I don't buy that item.
sBarterDialog5 implemented Thank you, Please Come Again.
sBarterDialog6 removed You need to place the bartered item before existing Barter Menu!
sBarterDialog7 implemented Price
sBarterDialog8 implemented Offer
sBarterDialog9 implemented You cannot sell summoned items!
sBarterDialog10 removed You cannot buy summoned items!
sBarterDialog11 implemented You need to trade items before making an offer.
sBarterDialog12 implemented You cannot drop summoned items!
sInventoryMessage1 implemented This object is broken and cannot be equipped until fixed.
sInventoryMessage2 implemented You cannot repair items during battle.
sInventoryMessage3 implemented You cannot make potions during battle.
sInventoryMessage4 implemented You cannot read during battle.
sInventoryMessage5 implemented You cannot use soul gems during battle.
sContentsMessage1 implemented You cannot remove summoned items from their container.
sContentsMessage2 implemented You cannot place items in this container.
sContentsMessage3 implemented The item will not fit.
sAttributeListTitle not started Attribute List
sConsoleTitle implemented Console
sCreateClassMenu1 implemented Class Description
sCreateClassMenu2 removed Close the Description menu before leaving Class Creation
sCreateClassMenu3 not started The class needs a description.
sCreateClassMenuHelp1 implemented You'll get +5 to all skills of your specialization. They'll also be easier to increase.
sCreateClassMenuHelp2 implemented You'll get +10 to each of your favored attributes.
sControlsMenu1 implemented Reset Controls
sControlsMenu2 not started Mouse Sensitivity
sControlsMenu3 implemented Press a key or push a button to set this command.
sControlsMenu4 not started Vertical Sensitivity
sControlsMenu5 not started Horizontal Sensitivity
sControlsMenu6 not started Push a button to set this command.
sGameWithoutLauncherXbox removed The game was started without the launcher. Press START to continue.
sDialogMenu1 not started Final Disposition:
sEnchantmentMenu1 not started Enchantment Menu
sEnchantmentMenu2 removed Enchantment Name
sEnchantmentMenu3 implemented Enchantment
sEnchantmentMenu4 implemented Point Cost
sEnchantmentMenu5 removed Buy
sEnchantmentMenu6 implemented Chance
sEnchantmentMenu7 removed Please remove the current soul gem before placing a different soul gem.
sEnchantmentMenu8 implemented You cannot buy a spell that has a zero point cost.
sEnchantmentMenu9 removed You cannot enchant more then one item of that type at a time.
sEnchantmentMenu10 not started The cast cost cannot exceed the charge amount put into the time
sEnchantmentMenu11 implemented You must add at least one effect to an enchantment
sEnchantmentMenu12 implemented You have successfully created an enchanted item
sEnchantmentHelp1 implemented Slot for item to enchant. Only weapons, armor, scrolls and clothing that are not already enchanted can be enchanted.
sEnchantmentHelp2 implemented Slot for the soul gem used to enchant an item. Only soul gems filled with a soul can be used. The soul amount is the total charge placed into the item.
sEnchantmentHelp3 implemented The first number is the total amount the enchantment would cost to cast. The second number is the total enchantment cost that can be placed on this type of item.
sEnchantmentHelp4 implemented The amount of charge points needed each time this enchantment is cast. This number is modified by your enchant skill.
sEnchantmentHelp5 implemented The amount of soul in the soul gem in the soul gem slot
sEnchantmentHelp6 implemented Amount of gold to buy this enchantment
sEnchantmentHelp7 implemented Type of cast for the enchantment.
sEnchantmentHelp8 implemented Name you give the spell.
sEnchantmentHelp9 implemented Magic effects you know that you can add to an item
sEnchantmentHelp10 implemented Current effects on the item
sInputMenu1 implemented Enter
sInventoryMenu1 removed You cannot equip items being bartered.
sLevelUpMenu1 implemented You have ascended to Level
sLevelUpMenu2 removed It's all suddenly obvious to you. You just have to concentrate. All the energy and time you've wasted is a sin, but without the experience you've gained, taking risks, taking responsibility for failure how could you have understood?
sLevelUpMenu3 removed x2
sLevelUpMenu4 removed x3
sLevelUpMsg implemented You should rest and meditate on what you've learned.
sLevelUp not started Level Up
sRange not started Range
sArea implemented Area
sMagnitude implemented Magnitude
sDuration implemented Duration
sDrain not started Drain
sAbsorb not started Absorb
sFortify not started Fortify
sRestore not started Restore
sDamage not started Damage
spoint implemented pt
spoints implemented pts
spercent implemented %
sfor implemented for
ssecond implemented sec
sseconds implemented secs
sin implemented in
sfootarea implemented ft
sfeet implemented ft
sXTimes implemented x
sXTimesINT implemented x INT
sonword implemented on
sNone implemented None
sDone not started Done
sStartCell removed Cavern of the Incarnate
sStartError removed Cannot start in an empty interior cell!
sStartCellError removed Starting interior cell "Cavern of the Incarnate" not found!
sAdmire implemented Admire
sIntimidate implemented Intimidate
sTaunt implemented Taunt
sBribe 10 Gold implemented Bribe 10 Gold
sBribe 100 Gold implemented Bribe 100 Gold
sBribe 1000 Gold implemented Bribe 1000 Gold
sPersuasionMenuTitle implemented Persuasion
sFast implemented Fast
sSlow implemented Slow
sBestAttack implemented Always Use Best Attack
sSubtitles implemented Subtitles
sMouseFlip implemented Invert Y Axis
sCursorOff implemented Crosshair
sEnableJoystick not started Enable Joystick
sXStrafe not started X-Axis Movement
sStrafe not started Strafe
sTurn not started Turn
sMouseWheelUpShort not started MWheel Up
sMouseWheelDownShort not started MWheel Down
sMouse implemented Mouse
sJoystickShort not started Joy
sJoystickHatShort not started JHat
sPickUp not started Take
sItemName not started Item Name
sNoName not started NO NAME GIVEN!
sItem implemented Item
sRaceMenu1 implemented Appearance
sRaceMenu2 implemented Change Sex
sRaceMenu3 implemented Change Face
sRaceMenu4 implemented Change Hair
sRaceMenu5 implemented Race
sRaceMenu6 not started Race Description
sRaceMenu7 implemented Specials
sRestMenu1 not started How many hours?
sRestMenu2 implemented Hours
sRestMenu3 implemented REST
sRestMenu4 not started You can't rest right now.
fRestMagicMult used implemented 0.15
sSaveMenu1 not started New Save Game
sServiceRepairTitle implemented Repair Service Menu
sServiceTravelTitle implemented Travel
sServiceTrainingTitle implemented Training
sServiceTrainingWords implemented I can teach nothing more about that skill
sServiceSpellsTitle implemented Spells
sSkillsMenu1 implemented Choose a Skill
sBonusSkillTitle implemented Skill Bonus
sSpecializationMenu1 implemented Choose a Specialization
sSpellmakingMenuTitle implemented Spellmaking
sSpellmakingMenu1 implemented Spell Chance
sSpellmakingHelp1 implemented Name you give the spell.
sSpellmakingHelp2 implemented Amount of Magika one cast of the spell will cost
sSpellmakingHelp3 implemented The chance you have to cast the spell at your current skill level
sSpellmakingHelp4 implemented How much gold the spell will cost you.
sSpellmakingHelp5 implemented Magic effects you know that you can add to a spell
sSpellmakingHelp6 implemented Current effects on the spell
sKilledEssential implemented With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed. Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created.
sCrimeMessage implemented Your crime has been reported!
sPotionSuccess implemented You created a potion
sMagicItem implemented Magic Items
sMagnitudeDes implemented The range of a spells power
sAreaDes implemented The radius the spell attempt to affect
sDurationDes implemented The length a spell lasts
sRangeDes implemented What the spell is directed at such as yourself, a target or who you touch
sCrimeHelp implemented The penalty you must pay for your crimes, if caught.
sSoulGem implemented Soul
sCastCost implemented Cast Cost
sTravelServiceTitle implemented Select destination
sSpellServiceTitle implemented Select spell to buy
sRepairServiceTitle implemented Select item to repair
sTrainingServiceTitle implemented Select skill to train
sMortar removed Mortar
sCalcinator removed Calcinator
sAlembic removed Alembic
sRetort removed Retort
sQuestionMark not started ?
s3dAudio not started 3D Audio
s3dHardware reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 not started Hardware Accelerated
s3dSoftware reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 not started Software Mode
sYourGold implemented YOUR GOLD
sSellerGold implemented SELLER GOLD
sTotalCost implemented TOTAL COST
sTotalSold implemented TOTAL SOLD
sOffer not started Offer
sLess not started Less
sMore not started More
sInventory removed Inventory
sBookPageOne removed 1
sBookPageTwo removed 2
sDisposeofCorpse implemented Dispose of Corpse
sCaughtStealingMessage not started Hey he's stealing my stuff!
sUserDefinedClass not started User Defined Class
sAsk not started Ask
sEnchantItems implemented Items to Enchant
sSoulGemsWithSouls implemented Soul Gems with Souls
sDoYouWantTo implemented Do you want to
sRechargeEnchantment implemented Recharge Enchanted Item
sMake Enchantment implemented Make an Enchanted Item
sSell removed Sell
sEquip removed Equip
sDrop removed Drop
sContainer removed Container
sStats removed Stats
sMap removed Map
sCenter not started Center
sSaveMenuHelp01 not started th of
sSaveMenuHelp02 not started month
sSaveMenuHelp03 not started day
sSaveMenuHelp04 implemented a.m.
sSaveMenuHelp05 implemented p.m.
sSaveMenuHelp06 not started Delete Game?
sBlocks not started Blocks
sFileSize not started File Size
sSave not started Save
sDeleteSpell implemented Delete Spell
sQuestionDeleteSpell implemented Are you sure you wish to delete %s?
sDeleteSpellError implemented You cannot delete this item from the Magic Menu
sLocal implemented Local
sLoadFailedMessage not started Your last load failed. You must load another game or start a new game.
sShadows implemented Shadows
sControlerVibration not started Controller Vibration
sQuanityMenuMessage01 implemented Amount to Sell
sQuanityMenuMessage02 implemented Amount to Buy
sSex not started Sex
sHair not started Hair
sFace not started Face
sRepairFailed implemented Your repair failed!
sRepairSuccess implemented Your repair succeeded!
sHeal not started Heal
sgp implemented gp
sSetValueMessage01 removed The maximum magnitude cannot be less then the minimum magnitude!
sDelete implemented Delete
sVideoWarning removed Warning: Video Resolution does not allow shadows.
sResChangeWarning removed Desired resolution not supported by video card.
sShift removed Shift
sBackspace removed Backspace
sCustomClassName implemented Adventurer
sSpace removed Space
sInventorySelectNoItems not started You have no items to fill this slot.
sInventorySelectNoSoul implemented You have no filled Soul Gems
sInventorySelectNoIngredients not started You have no ingredients
sDisposeCorpseFail implemented You can not remove this corpse
sQuickMenuTitle implemented Quick Keys
sQuickMenuInstruc implemented Click on quick key slot to add a spell, magic item or inventory item
sQuickMenu1 implemented Item to QuickKey
sQuickMenu2 implemented Inventory Menu Item
sQuickMenu3 implemented Magic Menu Item
sQuickMenu4 implemented Delete QuickKey Item
sQuickMenu5 implemented You no longer have
sQuickMenu6 implemented Inventory Items to Quick key
sMagicSelectTitle implemented Select a magic to Quick key.
sNextRank implemented Next Rank:
sNeedOneSkill reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Need one skill at
sNeedTwoSkills reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Need two skills at
sand reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented and
sOneHanded implemented One Handed
sTwoHanded implemented Two Handed
sType implemented Type:
sAt not started At
sUnequip not started Unequip
sScrolldown not started Scroll Down
sScrollup not started Scroll Up
sSleepInterrupt implemented Your rest has been interrupted.
sSoultrapSuccess implemented Your have trapped a soul
sCantEquipWeapWarning implemented Finish your current attack before equipping a new weapon
sOfferMenuTitle not started Offer Menu
sPowers implemented Powers
sBreath implemented Breath
sDifficulty reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Difficulty
sEasy reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Easy
sHard reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented Hard
sAttributeStrength implemented Strength
sAttributeIntelligence implemented Intelligence
sAttributeWillpower implemented Willpower
sAttributeAgility implemented Agility
sAttributeSpeed implemented Speed
sAttributeEndurance implemented Endurance
sAttributePersonality implemented Personality
sAttributeLuck implemented Luck
sHealth implemented Health
sRace implemented Race
sLevel implemented Level
sLevels implemented Levels
sFaction implemented Faction
sBirthSign implemented Sign
sBounty implemented Bounty
sReputation implemented Reputation
sSchool implemented School
sSkill not started Skill
sSkillProgress implemented Progress towards skill increase
sSkillMaxReached implemented Maximum proficiency has been reached.
sLevelProgress implemented Progress towards level increase
sMagic implemented Magicka
sMagicMenu removed Magic
sFatigue implemented Fatigue
sSkillsMenuReputationHelp implemented Your fame rating in the world of Morrowind.
sStrDesc implemented Affects your starting Health, how much you can carry, your maximum Fatigue, and how much damage you do in melee.
sIntDesc implemented Determines your maximum amount of Magicka.
sWilDesc implemented Affects your ability to resist magic, and your maximum Fatigue.
sAgiDesc implemented Affects your ability to dodge and hit targets in melee as well as your maximum Fatigue.
sSpdDesc implemented Determines how fast you can move.
sEndDesc implemented Affects your starting Health, your Health gain per level, and your maximum Fatigue.
sPerDesc implemented Affects your ability to deal with other characters and how much they like you.
sLucDesc implemented Affects every action you do in a small way.
sFatDesc implemented How tired you are. Low fatigue makes it harder to successfully perform actions.
sHealthDesc implemented The amount of damage you can take before you die. Increases every time you gain a level.
sMagDesc implemented Used to cast spells. Magicka is naturally restored by resting.
fWortChanceValue used implemented 15
sDefaultCellname implemented Wilderness
fMinWalkSpeed used implemented 100
fMaxWalkSpeed used implemented 200
fMinWalkSpeedCreature used implemented 5
fMaxWalkSpeedCreature used implemented 300
fEncumberedMoveEffect used implemented 0.3
fBaseRunMultiplier used implemented 1.75
fAthleticsRunBonus used implemented 1
fJumpAcrobaticsBase used implemented 128
fJumpAcroMultiplier used implemented 4
fJumpEncumbranceBase used implemented 0.5
fJumpEncumbranceMultiplier used implemented 1
fJumpRunMultiplier used implemented 1
fJumpMoveBase used implemented 0.5
fJumpMoveMult used implemented 0.5
fSwimWalkBase unused not started 0.5
fSwimRunBase used implemented 0.5
fSwimWalkAthleticsMult unused not started 0.02
fSwimRunAthleticsMult used implemented 0.1
fSwimHeightScale used; un-researched implemented 0.9
fHoldBreathTime used; numerous use cases implemented 20
fHoldBreathEndMult unused not started 0.5
fSuffocationDamage used implemented 3
fMinFlySpeed used implemented 5
fMaxFlySpeed used implemented 300
fStromWindSpeed used; un-researched implemented 0.7
fStromWalkMult used; un-researched implemented 0.25
fFallDamageDistanceMin used implemented 400
fFallDistanceBase used implemented 0
fFallDistanceMult used implemented 0.07
fFallAcroBase used implemented 0.25
fFallAcroMult used implemented 0.01
iMaxActivateDist used with all raycasts for player actions implemented 192
iMaxInfoDist used; maximum distance for entity info popup not started 192
fVanityDelay used; camera controller implemented 30
fMaxHeadTrackDistance used; actor controller implemented 400
fInteriorHeadTrackMult used; actor controller implemented 0.5
iHelmWeight used implemented 5
iPauldronWeight used implemented 10
iCuirassWeight used implemented 30
iGauntletWeight used implemented 5
iGreavesWeight used implemented 15
iBootsWeight used implemented 20
iShieldWeight used implemented 15
fLightMaxMod used implemented 0.6
fMedMaxMod used implemented 0.9
fUnarmoredBase1 used implemented 0.1
fUnarmoredBase2 used implemented 0.065
iBaseArmorSkill used implemented 30
fBlockStillBonus unused; resolution possible implemented 1.25
fDamageStrengthBase unused, resolution possible implemented 0.5
fDamageStrengthMult unused, resolution possible implemented 0.1
fSwingBlockBase used implemented 1
fSwingBlockMult used implemented 1
fFatigueBase used; used in calculating fatigueTerm implemented 1.25
fFatigueMult used; used in calculating fatigueTerm implemented 0.5
fFatigueReturnBase used implemented 2.5
fFatigueReturnMult used implemented 0.02
fEndFatigueMult used implemented 0.04
fFatigueAttackBase used; un-researched implemented 2
fFatigueAttackMult used; un-researched implemented 0
fWeaponFatigueMult used; un-researched implemented 0.25
fFatigueBlockBase used; un-researched implemented 4
fFatigueBlockMult used; un-researched implemented 0
fWeaponFatigueBlockMult used; un-researched implemented 1
fFatigueRunBase used; un-researched implemented 5
fFatigueRunMult used; un-researched implemented 2
fFatigueJumpBase used; un-researched implemented 5
fFatigueJumpMult used; un-researched implemented 0
fFatigueSwimWalkBase used; un-researched implemented 2.5
fFatigueSwimRunBase used; un-researched implemented 7
fFatigueSwimWalkMult used; un-researched implemented 0
fFatigueSwimRunMult used; un-researched implemented 0
fFatigueSneakBase used; un-researched implemented 1.5
fFatigueSneakMult used; un-researched implemented 1.5
fMinHandToHandMult used implemented 0.1
fMaxHandToHandMult used implemented 0.5
fHandtoHandHealthPer used implemented 0.1
fCombatInvisoMult used implemented 0.2
fCombatKODamageMult used implemented 1.5
fCombatCriticalStrikeMult used implemented 4
iBlockMinChance used implemented 10
iBlockMaxChance used implemented 50
fLevelUpHealthEndMult used implemented 0.1
fSoulGemMult used; un-researched implemented 3
fEffectCostMult used; numerous use cases implemented 0.5
fSpellPriceMult unused not started 2
fFatigueSpellBase used implemented 0
fFatigueSpellMult used implemented 0
fFatigueSpellCostMult unused removed 0
fPotionStrengthMult used implemented 0.5
fPotionT1MagMult used implemented 1.5
fPotionT1DurMult used implemented 0.5
fPotionMinUsefulDuration unused not started 20
fPotionT4BaseStrengthMult unused not started 20
fPotionT4EquipStrengthMult unused not started 12
fIngredientMult unused not started 1
fMagicItemCostMult not started 1
fMagicItemPriceMult not started 1
fMagicItemOnceMult unused, resolution possible not started 1
fMagicItemUsedMult not started 1
fMagicItemStrikeMult not started 1
fMagicItemConstantMult not started 1
fEnchantmentMult used; un-researched implemented 0.1
fEnchantmentChanceMult used implemented 3
fPCbaseMagickaMult used implemented 1
fNPCbaseMagickaMult used implemented 2
fAutoSpellChance used implemented 80
fAutoPCSpellChance used implemented 50
iAutoSpellTimesCanCast used implemented 3
iAutoSpellAttSkillMin used implemented 70
iAutoSpellAlterationMax used implemented 5
iAutoSpellConjurationMax used implemented 2
iAutoSpellDestructionMax used implemented 5
iAutoSpellIllusionMax used implemented 5
iAutoSpellMysticismMax used implemented 5
iAutoSpellRestorationMax used implemented 5
iAutoPCSpellMax used implemented 100
iAutoRepFacMod used implemented 2
iAutoRepLevMod used implemented 0
iMagicItemChargeOnce used; un-researched not started 1
iMagicItemChargeConst used; un-researched not started 10
iMagicItemChargeUse used; un-researched not started 5
iMagicItemChargeStrike used; un-researched not started 10
iMonthsToRespawn used implemented 4
fCorpseClearDelay used; un-researched implemented 72
fCorpseRespawnDelay used; un-researched implemented 72
fBarterGoldResetDelay used; un-researched implemented 24
fEncumbranceStrMult used implemented 5
fPickLockMult used implemented -1
fTrapCostMult used implemented 0
fMessageTimePerChar used; pop-up message UI implemented 0.1
fMagicItemRechargePerSecond used implemented 0.05
i1stPersonSneakDelta used; camera height difference while sneaking implemented 10
iBarterSuccessDisposition used implemented 1
iBarterFailDisposition used implemented -1
iLevelupTotal used implemented 10
iLevelupMajorMult used implemented 1
iLevelupMinorMult used implemented 1
iLevelupMajorMultAttribute used implemented 1
iLevelupMinorMultAttribute used implemented 1
iLevelupMiscMultAttriubte used implemented 1
iLevelupSpecialization used; may not have any gameplay effect implemented 1
iLevelUp01Mult used implemented 2
iLevelUp02Mult used implemented 2
iLevelUp03Mult used implemented 2
iLevelUp04Mult used implemented 2
iLevelUp05Mult used implemented 3
iLevelUp06Mult used implemented 3
iLevelUp07Mult used implemented 3
iLevelUp08Mult used implemented 4
iLevelUp09Mult used implemented 4
iLevelUp10Mult used implemented 5
iSoulAmountForConstantEffect used, un-researched implemented 400
fConstantEffectMult unused not started 15
fEnchantmentConstantDurationMult used implemented 100
fEnchantmentConstantChanceMult used implemented 0.5
fWeaponDamageMult used implemented 0.1
fSeriousWoundMult unused not started 0
fKnockDownMult used implemented 0.5
iKnockDownOddsBase used implemented 50
iKnockDownOddsMult used implemented 50
fCombatArmorMinMult used implemented 0.25
fHandToHandReach used; combat system implemented 1
fVoiceIdleOdds used; un-researched implemented 10
iVoiceAttackOdds used; un-researched Implemented 10
iVoiceHitOdds used; un-researched Implemented 30
fProjectileMinSpeed used; un-researched Implemented 400
fProjectileMaxSpeed used; un-researched Implemented 3000
fThrownWeaponMinSpeed used; un-researched Implemented 300
fThrownWeaponMaxSpeed used; un-researched Implemented 1000
fTargetSpellMaxSpeed used; un-researched implemented 1000
fProjectileThrownStoreChance used; % chance of recovery Implemented 25
iPickMinChance used implemented 5
iPickMaxChance used implemented 75
fDispRaceMod used implemented 5
fDispPersonalityMult used implemented 0.5
fDispPersonalityBase used implemented 50
fDispFactionMod used implemented 3
fDispFactionRankBase used implemented 1
fDispFactionRankMult used implemented 0.5
fDispCrimeMod used implemented 0
fDispDiseaseMod used implemented -10
iDispAttackMod used implemented -50
fDispWeaponDrawn used implemented -5
fDispBargainSuccessMod unused not started 1
fDispBargainFailMod unused not started -1
fDispPickPocketMod used implemented -25
iDaysinPrisonMod used; un-researched implemented 100
fDispAttacking used implemented -10
fDispStealing used implemented -0.5
iDispTresspass used implemented -20
iDispKilling used Implemented -50
iTrainingMod used implemented 10
iAlchemyMod used implemented 2
fBargainOfferBase used implemented 50
fBargainOfferMulti used implemented -4
fDispositionMod used implemented 1
fPersonalityMod used implemented 5
fLuckMod used implemented 10
fReputationMod used implemented 1
fLevelMod used implemented 5
fBribe10Mod used implemented 35
fBribe100Mod used implemented 75
fBribe1000Mod used implemented 150
fPerDieRollMult used implemented 0.3
fPerTempMult used implemented 1
iPerMinChance used implemented 5
iPerMinChange used implemented 10
fSpecialSkillBonus used implemented 0.8
fMajorSkillBonus used implemented 0.75
fMinorSkillBonus used implemented 1
fMiscSkillBonus used implemented 1.25
iAlarmKilling unused not started 90
iAlarmAttack unused not started 50
iAlarmStealing unused not started 1
iAlarmPickPocket unused not started 20
iAlarmTresspass unused not started 5
fAlarmRadius used; AI controller implemented 2000
iCrimeKilling used implemented 1000
iCrimeAttack used implemented 40
fCrimeStealing used implemented 1
iCrimePickPocket used implemented 25
iCrimeTresspass used implemented 5
iCrimeThreshold used implemented 1000
iCrimeThresholdMultiplier used implemented 10
fCrimeGoldDiscountMult used implemented 0.5
fCrimeGoldTurnInMult used implemented 0.9
iFightAttack used implemented 100
iFightAttacking used implemented 50
iFightDistanceBase used implemented 20
fFightDistanceMultiplier use 1, use 2 implemented 0.005
iFightAlarmMult unused not started 1
fFightDispMult used implemented 0.2
fFightStealing used implemented 50
iFightPickpocket used implemented 25
iFightTrespass used implemented 25
iFightKilling used implemented 50
iFlee unused not started 0
iGreetDistanceMultiplier used implemented 6
iGreetDuration used; AI dialog system not started 4
fGreetDistanceReset used; NPC controller not started 512
fIdleChanceMultiplier used; multiplies AIWander idle parameters implemented 0.75
fSneakUseDist used; un-researched implemented 500
fSneakUseDelay used; un-researched implemented 1
fSneakDistanceBase used implemented 0.5
fSneakDistanceMultiplier used implemented 0.002
fSneakSpeedMultiplier used implemented 0.75
fSneakViewMult used implemented 1.5
fSneakNoViewMult used implemented 0.5
fSneakSkillMult used implemented 1
fSneakBootMult used implemented -1
fCombatDistance used; un-researched implemented 128
fCombatAngleXY used; un-researched implemented 60
fCombatAngleZ used; un-researched implemented 60
fCombatForceSideAngle unused not started 30
fCombatTorsoSideAngle unused not started 45
fCombatTorsoStartPercent unused not started 0.3
fCombatTorsoStopPercent unused not started 0.8
fCombatBlockLeftAngle used implemented -90
fCombatBlockRightAngle used implemented 30
fCombatDelayCreature used implemented 0.1
fCombatDelayNPC used implemented 0.1
sTargetCriticalStrike implemented Critical Damage!
fAIMeleeWeaponMult used implemented 2
fAIRangeMeleeWeaponMult used implemented 5
fAIMagicSpellMult used implemented 3
fAIRangeMagicSpellMult used implemented 5
fAIMeleeArmorMult used implemented 1
fAIMeleeSummWeaponMult unused not started 1
fAIFleeHealthMult used implemented 7
fAIFleeFleeMult used implemented 0.3
fPickPocketMod used implemented 0.3
fSleepRandMod used implemented 0.25
fSleepRestMod used implemented 0.3
iNumberCreatures used implemented 1
fAudioDefaultMinDistance used; un-researched implemented 5
fAudioDefaultMaxDistance used; un-researched implemented 40
fAudioVoiceDefaultMinDistance used; un-researched implemented 10
fAudioVoiceDefaultMaxDistance used; un-researched implemented 60
fAudioMinDistanceMult used; un-researched implemented 20
fAudioMaxDistanceMult used; un-researched implemented 50
fNPCHealthBarTime used; target health UI. reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented 3
fNPCHealthBarFade used; target health UI. reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented 0.5
fDifficultyMult used. reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented 5
sSchoolAlteration implemented Alteration
sSchoolConjuration implemented Conjuration
sSchoolDestruction implemented Destruction
sSchoolIllusion implemented Illusion
sSchoolMysticism implemented Mysticism
sSchoolRestoration implemented Restoration
sTypeSpell not started Spells
sTypeAbility not started Abilities
sTypeBlightDisease not started Blight Disease
sTypeDisease not started Disease
sTypeCurse not started Curse
sTypePower not started Powers
sItemCastOnce implemented Cast Once
sItemCastWhenStrikes implemented Cast When Strikes
sItemCastWhenUsed implemented Cast When Used
sItemCastConstant implemented Constant Effect
sRangeSelf implemented Self
sRangeTouch implemented Touch
sRangeTarget implemented Target
sMagicSkillFail implemented You failed casting the spell.
sMagicInsufficientSP implemented You do not have enough Magicka to cast the spell.
sMagicInsufficientCharge implemented Item does not have enough charge.
sPowerAlreadyUsed implemented You already used that power today.
sMagicInvalidTarget implemented Your spell did not get a target.
sMagicLockSuccess implemented Your spell has locked its target.
sMagicOpenSuccess implemented Your spell has unlocked its target.
sMagicTargetResistsWeapons implemented Your weapon has no effect.
sMagicContractDisease implemented You have contracted %s
fMagicDetectRefreshRate used; detect spells not started 0.016667
fMagicStartIconBlink used; spell effect UI elements implemented 3
fMagicCreatureCastDelay unused not started 1.5
fDiseaseXferChance used implemented 2.5
fElementalShieldMult used implemented 0.1
sMagicCorprusWorsens implemented Your case of Corprus has worsened.
sMagicCannotRecast implemented You cannot re-cast this spell while it is still in effect.
fMagicSunBlockedMult used implemented 0.5
sMagicPCResisted implemented You resisted magic.
sMagicTargetResisted implemented Target resisted magic.
sMagicInvalidEffect implemented You cannot cast this effect right now.
sAcrobat removed Acrobat
sAgent removed Agent
sArcher removed Archer
sAssassin removed Assassin
sBarbarian removed Barbarian
sBard removed Bard
sBattlemage removed Battlemage
sCrusader removed Crusader
sCustom removed Custom
sHealer removed Healer
sKnight removed Knight
sMage removed Mage
sMonk removed Monk
sNightblade removed Nightblade
sPilgrim removed Pilgrim
sRogue removed Rogue
sScout removed Scout
sSorceror removed Sorcerer
sSpellsword removed Spellsword
sThief removed Thief
sWarrior removed Warrior
sWitchhunter removed Witchhunter
fFleeDistance used; AI controller. reportedly missing in unpatched Morrowind 1.0 implemented 3000
fCombatDistanceWerewolfMod used; un-researched implemented 0.3
iWereWolfBounty used implemented 10000
fWereWolfSilverWeaponDamageMult used implemented 1.5
fWereWolfRunMult used implemented 1.5
sProfitValue implemented Profit:
sCompanionShare implemented Share
sCompanionWarningMessage implemented Your mercenary is poorer now than when he contracted with you. Your mercenary will quit if you do not give him gold or goods to bring his Profit to a positive value.
sCompanionWarningButtonOne implemented Let the mercenary quit.
sCompanionWarningButtonTwo implemented Return to Companion Share display.
sDeleteNote implemented Delete Note?
sEditNote implemented Edit Note
sWerewolfRefusal implemented You cannot do this as a werewolf.
sWerewolfPopup implemented Werewolf
sWerewolfRestMessage implemented You cannot rest in werewolf form.
sWerewolfAlarmMessage implemented You have been detected changing from a werewolf state.
sTeleportDisabled implemented Teleportation magic does not work here.
sLevitateDisabled implemented Levitation magic does not work here.
iWereWolfLevelToAttack used, un-researched implemented 20
iWereWolfFightMod used implemented 100
iWereWolfFleeMod used, un-researched implemented 100