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Warning, the following text are quotes from our irc channel and can be disturbing. I strongly recommend to not read it. Remember: What was seen cannot be unseen!

corristo> Norwegian c++ it's kind of Norwegian black metal?
Sir_Herrbatka> tricking chris into sound development is the task for the eldertroll ;-)
>  Sir_Herrbatka strokes KittyCat 
>  KittyCat is Chris
>  Sir_Herrbatka stopes stroking KittyCat
BrotherBrick> coder is someone who cannot spell programmer
scrawl> mygui is the only lib that changes 1/2 of all the functions in a minor release
werdanith> someone forked OpenMW and fixed a bug
werdanith> and I have no idea who he is :P
werdanith> Kromgart will fix all our bugs it seems
werdanith> and never say a word on irc or the forum :P
pvdk> aww man i'm not in there # about this page
d3str0y> I have a high level of neanderthal dna
pvdk> "Gill sexually abused his own children, had incestuous relationship with his sister and performed sexual acts on his dog"
@Sir_Herrbatka> I will never look at the font the same way
pvdk> i commented out all the mygui.corefont stuff in the mygui xmls, except for the, and now mygui crashes :(
@Sir_Herrbatka> pure some russian vodka on it
@Sir_Herrbatka> should help
pvdk> hehe tried that, log file said: "DA DA SPASIBA! VVVOOODKAAAA!"
pvdk> and then it crashes
pvdk> now it won't wake up
Okulo> And then we take all black people and sell them to rich Americans.
Okulo> Haha, you're an American?
BrotherBrick> trying not to be, but yes ;)
pvdk> but go ahead and do it, Dijkstra spinning in his grave could prove a nice energy source for us here in Holland
Greendogo> necromantic computer hackers are infecting everyone's computers with visual virus infections causing anyone that looks at their screens to have a convulsive seizure, dying and rising back from the dead
Sir_Herrbatka> yes, it's called windows :]
werdanith> the more time that goes by
werdanith> the less imagination you need to play OpenMW ;)
AlienCat> I know a girl who... nvm
swick> 0.0
AlienCat> speaking of everything sucks
Sir_Herrbatka> i'm back
werdanith> I'm front
artorius> who's in the middle?
corristo> yo dawg we heard u like to define while define so we put some windows defines in your defines
corristo> so you can ifdef while u ifdef
werdanith> ohh, I know what you should do
werdanith> write a gallium3d direct3d driver
werdanith> and load it into mesa
werdanith> and then you'll get the DirectX option on linux :P
werdanith> piece of cake
corristo> enlarge your OpenMW!
pvdk> i don't really care what people run, as long as they don't complain about bugs in software I wrote on their systems
Okulo> speaking of bugs in software you wrote... ಠ_ಠ
pvdk> yes, bugs in my software?
Okulo> Launcher!
pvdk> yeah I KNOW
artorius> LOL
serpentine> Well, you see - women like a guy who is good with his hands, able to make what he needs and sustain himself. To live in the wilderness of unaware lunix dwellers and macophiles; the swagger of the gentleman and the framework of the caveman.
serpentine> A bit like lions really, they, too have what could be seen as unix-beards
scrawl> openmw just got to a whole new level
scrawl> because you can now steal fargoth's ring !!!!
BrotherBrick> sounds like the toilet after a night of curry
jvoisin> Rule 1: You are playing The Game.
jvoisin> You, along with everyone else in the world, always is always has been,
jvoisin> and always will be playing The Game. Neither awareness nor consent is required to play.
jvoisin> Rule 2: Every time you think about The Game, you lose.
jvoisin> Loss is temporary; as soon as you forget about The Game you stop losing.
jvoisin> The objective of The Game is to forget that it exists. Good luck.
jvoisin> Rule 3: Loss of The Game must be announced.
jvoisin> Every time you think about The Game, and hence lose, you must say so.             
jvoisin> This is the only rule that can be broken, but do you really need to cheat..?
BrotherBrick> works for me
BrotherBrick> works in chrome and ff
StraToN> i think it may even work on ie
Sarutobi> the second player should be able to play Jiub
KittyCat> NPCs will happily walk through walls when the animation moves them through it                                                                                                                   
sakuramboo> just like real life
<Eppy_> Because I'm really looking forward to a version of MW that runs faster, doesn't crash after a few straight hours of gameplay, etc. ;p
<wry> I think a version of Morrowind that doesn't crash would ruin my immersion..
<wry> I vote we instate random memory leaks.
<Eppy_> You're mistaking "immersion" for "genuine gameplay experience"
trenchcoat> scrawl, are you looking to implement any new shaders such as DoF or SSAO in the near future?
scrawl> i want to but they dont let me.
corristo> ^_^
corristo> just watched Mr Popper's Penguins
corristo> Is it Linus biography? I heard he was gifted penguin once
corristo> :-D
Sir_herrbatka> no
Sir_herrbatka> linus biography is Star Wars
Sir_herrbatka> linus is R2D2
corristo> running Linux itself
corristo> based on Raspberry Pi
Sir_herrbatka> indeed
corristo> R2 means "raspberry pi rev. 2"
werdanith> my ten year old cousin installed ubuntu on his desktop, on his own
werdanith> that kid is going to outgeek me
greye> Throw away any gui and be sure about it.
werdanith> throw him into the console with 'man man' as the first instruction right?
werdanith> either he'll drown or come out RMS on the other side
greye> The best thing you can learn is that C++ is awful, it is not any good, but there are no better language.
werdanith> C++: an octopus made by nailing extra legs onto a dog.
scrawl> i am the mastermind behind everything
evilslon> ,
sakuramboo> .
lgro> ♪
dscharrer> i thought the next logical step was ;
lgro> ouch, my bad
guuus_> can't we put fadein in a frameListener?
scrawl> framelistener are EVIL.
Sir_herrbatka> no linux variant?
Sir_herrbatka> :(
KittyCat> well, duh. you can't make linux slower than the speed of light
KittyCat> :P
jvoisin> less than one minute to compile openmw :)
jvoisin> 54.22s
jvoisin> *achivement unlocked*
Notling> g'night :p
@Sir_Herrbatka> Notling: good night
AceSwe> Night
pvdk> aww she's sweet :)
@Sir_Herrbatka> pvdk: that was faster then 2 wpm 
pvdk> yes i had an extra ...finger
wheybags> i've been meaning to try bsd for a while now
wheybags> if i do, i'll give compiling openmw a shot :P
BrotherBrick> do it now
BrotherBrick> ;)
wheybags> i am on a train :P
BrotherBrick> is the train running bsd?
@Sir_Herrbatka> it runs ruby
@Sir_Herrbatka> on rails
dougmencken> also newbies who don't know anything about cmake would be in fear
dougmencken> well, there's Firefox way: "99.999999999% people just download .exe
dougmencken> mozilla team is so rough
dougmencken> but they sent me the t-shirt :)
dougmencken> not my size, but with firefox logo
dougmencken> why is today different from past 6 days?
dougmencken> at least for me
mike29> it's thursday ;)
scrawl> This license is licensed under...
scrawl> You may only use this license if you license your own license under the same license
scrawl> There is no warranty when using this license!
pvdk_> i need scrawl too
pvdk_> where is he
pvdk_> he should be in here
 * pvdk_ casts a Summon Scrawl spell
scrawl joins channel
pvdk_> oh that was quicker than i thought
scrawl> ...
Yrol_Denjeah> Oh crap, i greeted.
[after a few minutes]
Yrol_Denjeah> jesus, you sure like to listen to yourself, disgusting...
<-- Yrol_Denjeah has left this channel (".").
Rebel-Rider> you shoudl try deep frying strips of whale dipped in flour egg and pepper mix, oah!
hut_> ah, whale meat talk again
KittyCat> "yeah, we say to use 'x\foo.nif', but we mean 'x\xfoo.nif' and 'x\xfoo.kf', maybe, lolz"
scrawl> achievement unlocked
scrawl> crashed GDB
axujen> hey as long as its customizable than i dont care if its crap
axujen> because then its my crap :)
TorbenC> Your crap is the same as my crap, it's just utter crap.

kcat (chris)opened pull request #875: Animation layering. Reaction…

Honkeh> !
gus2> KittyCat: :D
riothamus> eeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
scrawl> weeeee :D
Honkeh> KittyCat: Congrats
gus2> indeed
KittyCat> thanks
riothamus> i am squeeling like a girl right now
riothamus> how nerdy is that
arvisrend> wait wait
arvisrend> you have a quotes page?
BrotherBrick> arvisrend: hehhehehehehhe
BrotherBrick> yes
BrotherBrick> you will be quoted
Notling|Zzzzzz> yayyy!
arvisrend> if that's the price for getting a link
hut_> People are not equal.  For example, I'm a player and you're all NPC's.
pvdk_> well check your logs and you'll notice that i don't like dolphins
pvdk_> at least not since the incident...
> Sir_Herrbatka does not want to know
>  * darkf does ;D
pvdk_> na it's a bit hard talking about it... like the dolphin was: a bit hard
@Sir_Herrbatka> pvdk: what's your penis size?
gus_> I am better at introducing bugs in already existing code
Rebel-Rider> heh, encountered some strangeness with openmw, the dark brotherhood quest suddenly started after sleeping a bit. but the assasin that showed up was stark naked and didnt have any weapons, scary... ^^
Kacktus> Rebel-Rider: prepare to be raped in your sleep.
Ananace> Sir_herrbatka: Friends let other friends touch their privates
Sir_herrbatka> KittyCat: do you ever sleep?
KttyCat> no, my programmer was lazy and used a busy loop
wheybags> duke nukem forever is out
wheybags> so we must be pretty late
ablepharus> the only good vim mode i saw, is in emacs
Sir_herrbatka> ablepharus: i heared that vim mode in vim is ok ;-)
bwrsandman> depends on your vimrc
ablepharus> nah, it lacks that original vim feeling
ablepharus> xD
bwrsandman> We'll start our own channel with blackjack and hookers.
bwrsandman> visual basic... an exception? let me wipe all my global variables, then!
bwrsandman> visual basic: first element of a conjuction is false? let me check the second, just to be sure
pvdk> i should be able to get back to openmw coding in two weeks
raevol> \o/
pvdk> ?
jvoisin> \o/
jeaye> \o/
pvdk> ?
pvdk> is that a guy cheering or lol?
jeaye> or gal
pvdk> jeaye: you a gal?
jeaye> Nope.
jeaye> I like female cheerleaders though.
pvdk> who doesn't
weirdsexy> I want to try getting an interview with Bethesda. And then when the interviewer asks the first question, just start yelling "SPEARS" and bits of Morrowind dialog until they escort me from the building.
axujen> wow 0.28
axujen> such release
axujen> much anticipated
skullgrid> let's port openmw to UEFI
pvdk> i want to spellcheck the english stuff
Sir_herrbatka> pvdk: you can't
pvdk> i could do that before we decide to publish
pvdk> why not?
Sir_herrbatka> last time you did, people asked me if i'm dutch
scrawl> what would be better than openmw? :(
scrawl> is there a single thing in this world better than openmw? NO!
Sir_herrbatka> scrawl: sex?
scrawl> xXxOpenMWMorrowindMultiplayerXx
o11c> so ... it's okay if you leak the contents of memory to the entire internet, as long as it does it quickly?
serpentine> js for logic is like AIDS for breakfast
pvdk> poop = boob
pvdk> gives the same satisfaction
Sycamore> Guys, what language is openmw written in? I'd like to contribute with patches and stuff, but I don't know where to begin
eroen> c++ with boost and ogre
greye> Sounds like 'the good, the bad and the ugly'.
pvdk> dolphins rape you, hut
pvdk> another one misinformed about the truth behind dolphins
pvdk> the propaganda has worked apparently
hut> XD
hut> so tell me
hut> how do dolphins rape people?
pvdk> by fucking them without their consent
swick> like they fuck fish
hut> do they do finjobs too?
swick> I… wat?