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NOTE: The MyGUI resource plugin is currently disabled as of the OSG port / master. Maintaining this plugin would require a dependency on Ogre3D in its current form. You can however still grab a build of the older OpenMW 0.36.1 and use the included plugin to edit layouts.

NOTE: MyGUI does not support plugins for Mac OSX yet (, so editing OpenMW layouts is currently not possible on that platform.

  • Install MyGUI version 3.2.2 from
  • Make sure you are using OpenMW 0.35 or later and have the Plugin_MyGUI_OpenMW_Resources library available in your OpenMW install.
  • Copy the Plugin_MyGUI_OpenMW_Resources library file from the OpenMW build folder to the directory you will be running the MyGUI Layout Editor from (most likely the "bin" subdirectory in MyGUI's build directory).
  • Start the MyGUI LayoutEditor.
  • Go to File -> Settings -> Folders, press Add and select the folder in your OpenMW repository containing the MyGUI layouts (files/mygui)
  • Go to File -> Settings -> Resources, press Add, type core_layouteditor.xml, then press Enter.
  • Restart the LayoutEditor and try to load a .layout file from OpenMW. It should be working now!
  • Note that when you save a layout, you need to run OpenMW's cmake script in order to copy it to OpenMW's build folder, so that the new layout is used when you start OpenMW.