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Url Project Page/Forum Post Username Version Update Comment
this wiki 0.27
Steam Users' Forums forum Ryzbot (Ryz) 0.20
freegamedev forum OpenMW 0.26
Qt recruitement bis recruitement OpenMW 0.22
gaming on linux forum OpenMW 0.22
Ogre 3D forum OpenMW ?|Link broken|
Tamriel rebuilt forum OpenMW 0.26
Bullet Physics forum OpenMW 0.23
Twitter project page OpenMW_org 0.27 Maintained by raevol
Bethesda Forum forum OpenMW 0.26
moddb project page OpenMW 0.26
Ubuntu Forum forum OpenMW 0.23
Great House Fliggerty forum OpenMW 0.26
Skyrim Nexus forum OpenMW 0.23
Morrowind Nexus forums forum OpenMW 0.23
Morrowind Nexus news news OpenMW broken page Extra password needed
Gamedev Project page Image of the day Maintained by Igro
Freecode project page OpenMW 0.26 Maintained by Myckel
Steam Group group Openmw 0.26 Maintained by WeirdSexy
Overclock forum forum WeirdSexy 0.19.0 Posted update thread
Facebook group OpenMW 0.27 Maintained by raevol