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This page is WIP. I will update it as I feel like it. ~weirdsexy

The Podcaster is a team member who produces videos, which may contain voice-over commentaries, meant to gather and maintain public interest in the project.

These videos are generally uploaded to the project YouTube Channel.

Guidelines for Producing Release Commentaries

  1. Make a list of all features to be shown in the video
    1. Get list of resolved issues from issue tracker
    2. Don't forget to check recent blog posts for things that might not be explicitly mentioned on the issue tracker
    3. Doesn't hurt to ask on the forums as well
  2. Use your judgement to narrow the list down to things that should be shown in the video
  3. Write a script
  4. Capture video according to the script
    • Turn off in-game music while recording, but keep other game sounds
  5. Record a voice track of the spoken parts of the script
    • Don't be lazy. If you stumbled over a part, re-record it or rewrite the script to make that part easier to say
    • Process your voice so it impresses people. Apply noise reduction, EQ, compression, etc., as necessary.
  6. Use video editing software to make the video
    • Add in some music from Morrowind OST
    • Make sure voice track can be clearly over in-game sounds and music at all times
  7. Render the video and upload to YouTube
  8. Set video information
    • Title should follow the convention: OpenMW vX.XX.XX Commentary - Morrowind Engine Reimplementation
    • Tags should at least include:
    • Video should remain private if the official release has not yet occurred
  9. Post a link in the organisational thread for the release so other team members can make sure the video checks out