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REGN, Region information.

NAME = Various length, string. Region ID.
FNAM = Various length, string. Region name.
WEAT = 8 or 10 bytes, byte[8] or byte[10] as described. Weather Chances, must sum-up to 100.
      -- byte Clear,
      -- byte Cloudy,
      -- byte Foggy,
      -- byte Overcast,
      -- byte Rain,
      -- byte Thunder,
      -- byte Ash,
      -- byte Blight,
      -- If the size is 10 bytes, then:
      -- byte Snow,
      -- byte Blizzard.
      -- Snow and Blizzard are available only with Bloodmoon.
BNAM = Various length, string. Sleep creature.
CNAM = 4 bytes, byte[4] as described. Map Color.
      -- byte Red,
      -- byte Green,
      -- byte Blue,
      -- byte Null.
SNAM = 33 bytes. Sound Record as described.
    32 bytes, string. Sound Name, (lots of extra junk beyond string?)
    1 byte, byte. Chance.
      -- Multiple records with the order determining the sound priority

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