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Script commands

See Scripting (status).

Script global variables

Engine data exposed to scripts through script global variables, rather than accessor functions.

List of exposed globals

ID Default value Used in Implementation status
GameHour 12.0 Time system implemented
Year 427.0 implemented
Month 7.0 implemented
Day 17.0 implemented
DaysPassed 1.0 implemented
TimeScale 30.0 implemented
CharGenState 0 Character creation implemented
MonthsToRespawn 1.0 Container respawning implemented
PCKnownWerewolf 0 Werewolf transformation implemented
WerewolfClawMult 1.0 Werewolf melee damage implemented
CrimeGoldDiscount 0 Dialogue global variables implemented
CrimeGoldTurnIn 0 implemented
PCHasCrimeGold 0 implemented
PCHasGoldDiscount 0 implemented
PCHasTurnIn 0 implemented

These defaults are engine defaults that have a lower priority than values read from data files. This means a new game will have the values from the base game data rather than these values.

Actor local variables

The engine exposes actor events and additional actor information through local script variables.

List of named locals

ID Type Used in Implementation status
Companion short Companions implemented
stayOutside short implemented
minimumProfit float implemented
OnPCEquip short Set to 1 when an item is equipped implemented
OnPCAdd short Set to 1 when an item is added to the inventory implemented
OnPCHitMe short Set to 1 when the player attempts to damage an actor implemented
OnPCDrop short Set to 1 when an item is dropped implemented
OnPCRepair short Set to 1 when an item is repaired implemented
OnPCSoulGemUse short Set to 1 when a soul gem is used (non-functional) unimplementable
PCSkipEquip short If set to 1, will prevent the equipping of an item implemented