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Main Header Record

TES3 sub-records detail:

HEDR = 300 bytes, used as:
    4 bytes, float. Version.
    4 bytes, long. Unknown.
    32 bytes, string. Company Name.
    256 bytes, string. ESM file description.
    4 bytes, long NumRecords.
MAST = Variable length, string. Master file name.
    -- Only found in ESP plugins and specifies a master file that the
    -- plugin requires.  Can occur multiple times.  Usually found just
    -- after the TES3 record.
DATA = 8 bytes, long64. Master file size.
    -- Size of the previous master file in bytes (used for version
    -- tracking of plugin). The MAST and DATA records are always found
    -- together, the DATA following the MAST record that it refers to.

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