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{{Deps}} is a template for mod compatibility testing lists (or use in mid-sentence if you like) indicating mod dependences on, and/or incompatibility with, official Bethesda expansions (add-ons, a.k.a. "vanilla mods"). The output is one or more acronyms, with mouse-over tooltips explaining what they means. These tips account for OpenMW quirks, e.g. the inability to run Bloodmoon in it without Tribunal.


The template takes up to 10 parameters, which are each a code from the list of supported values below. Dependencies use a code like TB for Tribunal. Incompatibilities use a negated version like !TB:

The most common one:








A complex one:

{{Deps |TB/BM |!SF}}

outputs: [TB/BM, !SF]

Supported values

The supported values (case-insensitive) are shown in following table (and note that the code for Tribunal is TB; the acronym "TR" has come to stand for the third-party mod Tamriel Rebuilt).

Please use them in the order given here; they are arranged by expansions (new landmasses) first and in the order in which they are most likely to be wanted by players, followed by minor add-ons in alphabetical order.

If an invalid value is submitted, the template will spit an error, e.g. {{Deps|XYZ}} results in: [TEMPLATE ERROR].

Code Output Text of mouse-over tooltip
TB [TB] Requires the 'Tribunal' official expansion.
BM [BM] Requires the 'Bloodmoon' official expansion (which also requires the 'Tribunal' expansion in OpenMW).
TB+BM    [TB+BM]    Requires both the 'Tribunal' and 'Bloodmoon' official expansions.
TB/BM [TB/BM] Requires either the 'Tribunal' or 'Bloodmoon' official expansions or both (though 'Bloodmoon' also requires 'Tribunal' in OpenMW, anyway).
SF or SaF [SF] Requires the Siege at 'Firemoth' official add-on.
AA [AA] Requires the 'Adamantium Armor' official add-on.
AHT or AHoT [AHT] Requires the 'Adamantium Helm of Tohan' official add-on.
AEA [AEA] Requires the 'Area Effect Arrows' official add-on.
BCS [BCS] Requires the 'Bitter Coast Sounds' official add-on.
LFA or LA [LFA] Requires the 'LeFemm Armor' official add-on.
E [E] Requires the 'Entertainers' official add-on.
MI [MI] Requires the 'Master Index' official add-on.
!TB [!TB] Incompatible with the 'Tribunal' official expansion (thus, in OpenMW, also incompatible with 'Bloodmoon').
!BM [!BM] Incompatible with the 'Bloodmoon' official expansion.
!SF or !SaF [!SF] Incompatible with the 'Siege at Firemoth' official expansion.
!AA [!AA] Incompatible with the 'Adamantium Armor' official add-on.
!AHT or !AHoT [!AHT] Incompatible with the 'Adamantium Helm of Tohan' official add-on.
!AEA [!AEA] Incompatible with the 'Area Effect Arrows' official add-on.
!BCS [!BCS] Incompatible with the 'Bitter Coast Sounds' official add-on.
!E [!E] Incompatible with the 'Entertainers' official add-on.
!LFA or !LA [!LFA] Incompatible with the 'LeFemm Armor' official add-on.
!MI [!MI] Incompatible with the 'Master Index' official add-on.

This list includes options that might seem redundant because Bloodmoon requires Tribunal in OpenMW (e.g., BM and TB+BM amount to the same thing in practice). These more specific codes are provided to match mod documentation carefully, in case Bethesda-engine users read our material and aren't aware of this engine difference, and in case the OpenMW behavior changes later anyway, which is always possible.

TB+BM and TB/BM are given separately, and as such, because the two most common dependency situations (aside from Morrowind itself, of course) are "both Tribunal and Bloodmoon", and "either Tribunal or Bloodmoon or both" with people often confusing them.

Some of these codes may never be needed, and it will be rare for any mod entry to be coded with more than two of them, but they're all here just in case. Incompatibilities with both Siege at Firemoth and Bitter Coast Sounds have already been identified, for example.

The tooltips use 'Single Quotes for Titles' because the tooltip text, inside title="..." HTML, cannot use double quotes nor any markup like italics. Single quotes are commonly used in plain ASCII to signify italics and such, so this is good enough.