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Convenient way to link to a Morrowind-related article at the "Guides" section of Steam Community (https://SteamCommunity.com/app/22320/guides/). Wiki.OpenMW.org should not have articles on "game lore" topics, walkthroughs, or other content more appropriate for or duplicative of that at SC, TESW, UESP wiki, or other wikis, only material pertaining to OpenMW. So, you can use this template to quickly link to a lore or gameplay topic if context seems to warrant it (this should not be done excessively; we presume that readers/players know what the Mages Guild is, that Acrobatics is a skill, that Restore Health is a spell, that Seyda Neen is a place, etc.)

Link has a mouse-over tooltip indicating what the link is.

This template only works for Steam Community URLs of the form https://SteamCommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=ArticleCode; it cannot be used to link to other Steam Community resources, or other sites operated by Steam.


The syntax is:

{{Steam|ArticleCode|text<nowiki>|Article Title}}</nowiki> where ArticleCode is the numeric code found in the URL for a specific article; text (which is optional) is the displayed text you are turning into a link; and Aricle Title is the actual title of the linked article.

The ArticleCode parameter is part of a URL and cannot contain any markup.

Just copy-paste the ArticleCode number from the article URL in the URL bar of your browser.

A #Something section (or other anchor) link can be added, but this is tricky with this site. The only easy way to identify these sectional targets is by hovering over section names in the "Overview" table of contents in the right-hand sidebar, and noting the additional numeric code in the URL (you'll need the feature turned on your browser that lets you see URL targets, usually as a note in the bottom of your browser window). For example, the the "Morrowind Exploits" article, the hovering over the link to the "Alchemy Exploit" section shows a URL string of javascript:SelectGuideSection( '93803', 'changeHash' ); the 93803 part is what you want. This exact case is given as a template example below.

The second parameter can contain any markup that can be used in the second half of a piped link (e.g., boldface, but not a wikilink, ref tag, or other thing that produces a link/anchor, since links cannot be inside each other).

The third parameter cannot contain markup (it will be used part of an HTML title="..." attribute. Consequently, it also cannot contain a double quotation mark unless escaped as &quot;. The template will put escaped quotation marks around it for you.


{{Steam|151853046#93803|the super-potions exploit|Morrowind Exploits: Alchemy Exploit}}


the super-potions exploit

This is an in-page section link to a Morrowind-specific page.


{{Steam|1101566121||How to Integrate OpenMW with Steam}}


{{Steam|1101566121|3=How to Integrate OpenMW with Steam}}



This is a simpler link to an OpenMW-specific tutorial page, with a blank second parameter.





This is a bare link to the same article, without even the title being specified (and this producing a not very helpful tooltip).