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Convenient way to link to a Morrowind-related article at the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) wiki (en.UESP.net). Wiki.OpenMW.org should not have articles on "game lore" topics, walkthroughs, or other content more appropriate for or duplicative of that at UESP, TESW, Steam Community, or other wikis, only material pertaining to OpenMW. So, you can use this template to quickly link to a lore or gameplay topic if context seems to warrant it (this should not be done excessively; we presume that readers/players know what the Mages Guild is, that Acrobatics is a skill, that Restore Health is a spell, that Seyda Neen is a place, etc.)

Link has a mouse-over tooltip indicating what the link is.

The template cannot be used to link to UESP Forum topics, though a parameter could be added for that if needed (e.g. to point to OpenMW-related discussions there).


The syntax is:

{{UESP|Namespace:Article Title|text}} where Namespace:Article Title is the case-sensitive namespace, colon, and title (including any parenthetical disambiguation) of the article at UESP wiki; and text (which is optional) is the displayed text you are turning into a link.

The Namespace:Article Title parameter is part of a URL and cannot contain any markup.

It is not necessary to convert spaces in it into underscores or do any URL encoding; the template will handle that. Just copy-paste the article's Namespace:Article Title found at the top of the article's content.

UESP makes heavy use of namespaces like "Morrowind:", "Tribunal:", "Bloodmoon:", and "Lore:", so using just the Article Title part will produce an invalid link.

You can include a #Something section or other anchor name within the page.

Note that UESP uses "Title Case for Titles" not "Sentence case for titles".

The second parameter can contain any markup that can be used in the second half of a piped link (e.g., boldface, but not a wikilink, ref tag, or other thing that produces a link/anchor, since links cannot be inside each other).


{{UESP|Morrowind:Base Armor#Medium Armor|Nordic Ringmail Cuirass}}


Nordic Ringmail Cuirass

This is an in-page section link to a Morrowind-specific page.





This is a simple link to a general TES lore page at the wiki, without any second parameter.