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Visible anchor: This creates an HTML anchor (in-page link target for an article_name#anchor_name_here link – the part after the #) for the given text, while still displaying the text. This template is primarily to help lists with anchored entries have cleaner, easier-to-read code. For a version with no visible text, see Template:Anchor.

This template replaces something like:

<span id="Anchor name here"></span>Anchor name here


{{vanchor|Anchor name here}}

which displays as:

Anchor name here

(without the indentation; this is an inline template). It can be linked to on this template page as Template:Vanchor#Anchor name here. The real space and mess savings are when this is used with multiple parameters (see below).

Important: This text cannot contain markup of any kind, only plain text – no wikimarkup, no templates. If you need to anchor text that has markup, put the markup around the template:

''{{vanchor|Anchor name here}}''

or use a manual <span id="Anchor name here"></span> in front of the text (this must be done in particular when the text is an anchor on this page and also a link to something else; you can't have a link inside an anchor or vice versa):

<span id="Anchor name here"></span>[[Some other page|Anchor name here again]]

If the text includes an equals sign (=) anywhere in it, you must use a numbered parameter for the text:

{{vanchor|1=Anchor = name here}}

Also, the text is a literal string. These two are not equivalent:

  • {{vanchor|Anchor name here}}
  • {{vanchor| Anchor name here}}

Additional parameters

The template will also create up to 9 additional anchors, for spelling variations, etc. Only the first is displayed. These are given in series or numbered:

  • {{vanchor|Visible anchor|alternative 1|alternative 2|alternative 3|alternative 4}}
  • {{vanchor|1=Visible anchor|2=alternative 1|3=alternative 2|4=alternative 3|5=alternative 4}}

HTML note

This uses <span id="..."></span> format, in front of the target text, rather than <span id="Anchor name here">Anchor name here</span> (with the span wrapping the displayed text) because this causes the anchor to mistakenly appear as a clickable but circular link in some old browsers.