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Update: I'm not entirely gone, I've just been wallowing in Oblivion and Skyrim for a while. If there's something important to update in User:Darklocq/Mod testing notes, please let me know (I have turned on the e-mail option here, so I should get a notice if you leave a message on my talk page, though I'm not certain that works. You can also find me on Nexus). Also, feel free to just constructively edit that mod testing notes page directly. Various things in it should probably be integrated in short form into the official Mod status pages, too.

Split up "List of Catalogued Mods" by mod type?

Hi Darklocq! Looks like the two of us are the biggest contributors to the wiki right now. I posted a topic on Talk:Mod status regarding splitting up the "List of Catalogued Mods" by mod type and would appreciate your feedback. -Thunderforge (talk) 01:52, 29 June 2017 (CEST)