Wall of Hate

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Warning, inappropriate language ahead


You do realize this project is a gigantic waste of your time and potential that you could use to create something unique and not something that is basically superfluous and inefficient ? I hope you do.


MGE is not a hack you fucking idiot. It is a piece of brilliant software engineering, much respect to the developers behind it. It provides the user great control over many aspects of Morrowind's graphics, and manages to improve the aesthetic of an aged game to an unbelievable degree. To call it a simple hack is both meaningless and disrespectful. Fuck OpenMW. Without the backing of the mod community it will offer no advantages to what we have now, which is more than excellent. Plus those OpenMW guys seem like assholes to me. They talk a lot and talk down a lot, namely to other projects, and they have little to show. Their only original creations are a ESM and NIF reader. The game engine they are creating doesn't seem very impressive. They stitched together a bunch of freeware they found on the internet to make their engine, and came up with one original piece, the one that I mentioned. I'll be sticking with what you see in the video.