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spoiler: Sample text here.


This "hides" spoiler material by making the same color as the background, so that one must highlight it to read it. (The background and text are made a light grey, since doing it as white, to match the whole-page background, made it look like some kind of error.)


{{spoiler|1=The text to hide here}}

The 1= (which can also be given as content=) is optional, but safest to include, since the template will break if the content include a = character anywhere in it.

You can change the spoiler wording (which gives a note when you over over it) to something else:

{{spoiler|1=The text to hide here. |major spoiler}}

If different colors are wanted (e.g. inside a colorful sidebar), you can specify a hex color (with the # prefix) or a named CSS color, for the text and its background:

{{spoiler|1=The text to hide here. |major spoiler |color=#A9C633}}

Adding links

Because the site-wide CSS will style links (internal or external) with color, they will not be hidden by this template. The solution is to replace:

[http://site.tld/path/ ...]


... [http://site.tld/path/]




... [https://wiki.openmw.org/index.php?title=Pagname]]