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I'm Darklocq. I am not some famous modder or pro-gamer, just a random player. I really, really like using mods, though, and have been doing a lot of testing. I have written one OpenMW mod (Sufficient Adamantium, available at the Morrowind Nexus), and re-modded some mods (e.g., by using OpenMW-CS to identify compile errors with "Verify", then fixing them), and done a few minor mods for Oblivion and Skyrim. I'm in the process of doing a follower mod; it's challenging. I'm a total follower/companion nut, since I can build a horde and take on enemies way above my pay grade.

If you need to reach me in a hurry, use the forum and message me there. I'm set to receive an alert if you do so (I think).

I'm also the same username at, and Nexus, and many other sites. Leaving me a message on them should eventually reach me, if I've been AWOL from this site for too long.

PS: I'm also an experienced wiki editor, and MediaWiki template (script) and CSS coder, for about 12 years now.

— Darklocq (talk)